Welcome to the new Junction City KY website

Junction CIty, Kentucky logoWe hope you like the new official Junction City, Kentucky website and our new domain, JCKY.us. We’ve taken great pains to assure that you will be able to find what you need to know about Junction City’s government here.

We have plans for future expansion to include more of what might interest you as a resident of or a visitor to Junction City.

Junction City is one of Kentucky’s small town gems. We invite you all to come and find out what makes it one of Kentucky’s best places to live and work.


Welcome to the new Junction City KY website — 6 Comments

  1. Great to see our home town now online. I would love to see more work done by our officials to take ownership of keeping these yards clean from junk cars, junk itself, trash, and keep grass mowed. That would be a great way to make the city some money. Be very strict on these rules or have the fine paid within a few days. First offense a warning, second a $ 50.00 fine, third offense a $200.00 fine. Fourth offense a $500.00 fine. The fifth offense a $1000.00 fine. Renters have to pay the fine on the property they rent . It would not take long for Alum Springs landfill to be over ran. I’m tired of living around junk and trash. Thanks You !!, Chris

  2. I have some roots in Junction City (grandfather was Noble Daugherty and dad is Charles Daugherty) and I am pleased to now own and run a business in Junction City, Kentucky Athletics LLC (formerly The Oaks building). Who do I need to contact about a road expansion trying to connect to 127? Thank you for any assistance.

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